Upcoming Shows


Past Shows


January 22nd - Charlottesville, VA 8:00 pm Tea Bazaar with No Any Walls


December 3rd - Charlottesville, Va 7:30 LadyFolk Fest Private House Show

January 28th - Charlottesville, VA -- 11:30-1:30 pm The Elderberry

January 8th - Charlottesville, VA -- 6-8:30 pm Interactive Listening Room at the Yellow Door


June 9th - Charlottesville, VA --The Garage -- with Lobo Marino, 8pm

January 9th -- Charlottesville, VA --Tea Bazaar -- with Marian McLaughlin, Lucy Dacus, and Jennie Vee

January 8th -- Charlottesville, VA -- Divine Play -- Interactive Listening Room with Charlotte James --limited to 15 people--RSVP by emailing fenswale@gmail.com


August 14th -- Thorndike, Maine -- The Dented Can -- with Barret Brooks, Thorn and Shout, and Travis Sehorn

July 26th -- Montpelier, VT -- The Bee's Knees -- Open Mic

July 24th -- Burlington, VT -- The Gold House -- with Aaron Lee

July 15th -- Worcester, MA -- Collective A Go Go with  Lisa/Liza and Pits

July 14th -- Philadelphia, PA --House Show in Mt. Airy with The Sun Flights

July 13th -- Baltimore, MD -- The Holy Underground -- with The Sun Flights and Lobo Marino

July 9th -- Durham, NC -- The Perch -- Interactive Listening Room

July 7th -- Blacksburg, Va -- Woolwine House Show --with Saadia Rais and Peat 

June 10th -- Charlottesville, Va -- Owl Sounds Gathering -- Private House Show

May 17th -- Charlottesville, Va -- Divine Play -- Interactive Listening Room with Charlotte James  

May 2nd -- Charlottesville, Va -- The Garage with The Sun Flights and Jacob Augustine --8pm  

January 24th -- Crozet, VA -- Crozet Mudhouse with Bristol 

January 8th -- Private Show at Twin Oaks Community                                                     with Nevin Kight and Lobo Marino

January 9th --Richmond, VA --Additional Art Space in Scotts Addition                           with Nevin Kight and Swamp trees  (facebook event page)

November 8th --Charlottesville, VA private house show                                      with Sunrise Review and Year of the Flying Dog

December 13th -- Charlottesville, Va --Tea Bazaar  CD RELEASE SHOW         with Daniel Bachman >>>> buy tickets