fen swale

i am a bird



Voice and Piano Lessons

Fun Traditional and Somatic lessons offered in Voice and Piano.

Her blend of formal voice training with fun and creative practice exercises helped me to quickly learn to use my voice in new and interesting ways. Kayde was able to identify my specific needs and helped me quickly attain new skills. She always had a plan for each lesson! C.L.



We will choose songs you want to play, deepen awareness of your body in sound and silence--And have fun!

$50 per hour

Email me below for more information or to book a session. 

Healing Voice Sessions

We will explore sound, energy, vibration, chakras and intuition to help promote healing and creativity. My approach is one of curiosity, always respecting your body's innate wisdom and knowing how to return to health. 

$65 per hour

Magic Tea Blends

$100 for 30 min conversation and 8oz of your very own personalized magic tea blend- catered to your tastes and health profile - based on plant spirit medicine and western energetic herbalism with a creative flare

$20 for 8oz Refill Tea Blends


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