Kayde fen Deardorff is a singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist whose music is intuitive, emotional and inspired by nature. Raised in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, Kayde started piano lessons on her grandfather's organ when she was six. She saved money from raising puppies and cattle to buy her first piano at age twelve, and began expressively pounding on said piano, creating compositions inspired by her time alone in the forest.

After almost a decade as Violas Heartfull, Kayde began using the moniker Fen Swale in 2014. I am a Bird, her first release as Fen Swale, is a reflective and magical narrative of personal transformation with rich imagery from the wilderness. She has been a core member of other Virginia bands including The Disappearers Collective and The Rung and Spoke.

Feature on 5 Questions for the Artist

"Fen Swale casts a spell that can send you inward and make you crave the company of trees, when she sings

'Take me to the dark woods. Leave me there (leave me there, leave me there) to realize how much I need to change.'

Her heartfelt work is natural; her beautiful voice leads you around unexpected turns of sound, keeping you engaged as she guides you.  Her songs are unique and also share a familiar if forgotten slower, introspective pace of life punctuated by organic storms and rhythms." --Julia Travers

More here : http://askartists.org/2016/01/29/fen-swale/

Press for I am a Bird  www.whurk.org  January Issue

"Haunting and gorgeous, the voice of Kayde fen Deardorff is likely to make you dream of a heartbroken wood nymph. Gently plucked acoustic guitar and ambient background tones provide just the right balance of sensuality and unease. The theatricality of Kayde's work as Fen Swale and the quality of her tone reminds me of a few other favorite female vocalists: Bjork, Florence + the Machine, and Regina Spektor.  The only thing lacking from this release is how short it is.  I wouldn't ordinarily encourage anyone to pay ten bucks for four songs, but I am a Bird is nothing short of immaculate."  Davey Jones-Whurk Magazine